Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water damage restoration technician covering a staircase.

Water Damage Restoration

Las Vegas, NV

A SERVPRO of Southwest Las Vegas water damage restoration technician is on the job working on covering a staircase. We cover all areas in the home that are exposed to the area where the restoration is being made. This is to protect flooring, cabinets, railings, and all personal belongings from being scratched during a demolition or build-back. With SERVPRO of Southwest Las Vegas, you can expect our team to be reliable, clean, friendly, and professional to get any size restoration job handled correctly.

Drywall water damage restoration from a burst water pipe within a wall.

Soaked Drywall Removal

This photo shows an inspection cut made into drywall after a pipe leak burst inside the wall. We removed the wet drywall with a straight-line cut to verify that no secondary issues occurred. By doing this the homeowner can have peace of mind that the restoration job was handled properly.

Air Movers - Powerful fans for drying water-drenched surfaces.

Fans Drying Flood Water in a Las Vegas Home

Air Movers (Flood Drying Fans)

This photos shows our new Air Movers used to dry out framing which was wet due to a refrigeration line burst.  These Air Movers are powerful and light weight which allows us to place equipment faster for a speedy dry-out after flooding or water damage.

Setting up machines and equipment for drying and removing flood water in Las Vegas.

Drying Flood Water With Proper Equipment

Having the right amount of equipment is very important for a proper dry-out of a flood. SERVPRO of Southwest Las Vegas has the equipment to dry up any amount of water damage in a house, apartment or commercial building. Drying up the water from an indoor flood can be stressful without the right equipment. It's important that the flood gets dry as soon as humanly possible. Our team of highly trained restoration techs are ready to help with floods and repair water damage anywhere in the Las Vegas Valley.

SERVPRO Tech on a ladder restoring a water damaged ceiling in a garage in Las Vegas, NV.

Repairing A Wet Ceiling

Water damage can strike at any time especially when you live in a condo/townhouse and your neighbor has a water leak. We got a call from a local Las Vegas resident that needed us to fix a massive leak in the ceiling of their garage. SERVPRO of Southwest Las Vegas was there to restore the water damage in no time. The customer left us a review about how fast we were to get to their home because of how happy they were.

A SERVPRO of Southwest Las Vegas Crew Chief is logging the areas we extracted flood water from a Las Vegas home.

Documenting The Areas We Extracted Water In Customer's Home

Water Extraction Documentation

In this photo a crew chief member for SERVPRO of Southwest Las Vegas is recording the areas that we extracted water from. A broken pipe in the house is what caused the flooding. We've done hundreds of water extractions in Las Vegas and our technicians know first-hand what to do in these situations. It's important to completely dry-out floods so you don't have a bigger water damage restoration issue. Removing flood water from a floor can be tricky. Give us a call at (702) 436-2555 if you have a flood and our best technicians will be at your location in minutes.

A crew member setting up a water containment in a home to restore copious amounts of water damage.

Containing The Area For Demolition & Water Damage Restoration

A pipe located in the ceiling popped after years of wear and tear. SERVPRO of Southwest Las Vegas was called out on site extracting water from the carpet and cleaning the area. Because we are familiar with ongoing leaks and because of the age of the homeowner; our trained technicians knew we needed to set up a water containment to help keep all the demolition debris and mold contained in one area. The homeowner was surprised with the knowledge from our technicians and was thankful that we were so fast and professional the whole time. Insurance was involved and the claim was handled smoothly by our professional staff.

Restoration Technician cleaning up a flood in Las Vegas.

Restoration Equipment

This water damage came from a backup where two toilets and a bathtub overflowed when the homeowner was trying to run water from an upstairs bathroom. SERVPRO of Southwest Las Vegas was out within 30 minutes extracting water and placing equipment  to dry down the area. We are vendors with multiple insurance companies and because of this, the claim was handled correctly and in a timely manner. The homeowner was pleased with the work and knowledge SERVPRO had concerning the water damage cleanup. We used the MEGAXL Water Extractor which allowed us to be in and out in no time.

A SERVPRO Restoration Tech extracting flood water from a floor in a Las Vegas home to prevent water damage.

Removing Water Underneath Laminate Wood Flooring

Extracting 2 inches of Flood Water

This big flood in the customer's kitchen area caused 2 inches of standing water throughout the kitchen, dining room and living room. SERVPRO of Southwest Las Vegas was out within 30 minutes removing laminate wood flooring and extracting flood water to help speed up the drying process and save all the walls; keeping them dry throughout the home to avoid water damage.

A toilet overflowed and our SERVPRO technician is repairing the water damage.

Toilet Overflow in a Local Home

This two story residential home had a toilet overflow on the upper level. SERVPRO of Southwest Las Vegas was on site within an hour removing water and opening up the areas to apply proper drying techniques. This photo shows the aftermath of the damages. The property was ready for build back on the 4th day from the initial water damage call.

Water leaked through the walls and damaged the foundation underneath a staircase, this photo shows the restoration project.

Full Restoration of a Massive Water Heater Leak

After a water loss in this property located in Las Vegas, SERVPRO of Southwest Las Vegas was called out to do the mitigation. Because of the massive amounts of water damage, our restoration tech exposed and cut the drywall to help stop secondary damages (such as mold) from occurring.

A massive sized flood in a home in Las Vegas with inches of water inside the house.

Large Flood in Las Vegas

When your Las Vegas home has water damage from flooding or leaks, we have the expertise and equipment to properly restore your property. In this photo a pipe burst causing inches of water damage. With the extractor we were able to remove the water and the house continued construction the next day.

Using a device to diagnose the amount of damage water made within a wall in a Las Vegas home.

Using Equipment To Diagnose Water Damage Inside A Wall

Having the right type of equipment is one reason we're always ready for water damage jobs around town. Being certified and trained to use the equipment in the best way possible is an even bigger reason we're prepared to get any size disaster fully restored in a fast time frame.

Window blinds are wet and damaged from the water leak.

Water Damage from a Leak in Las Vegas

When your Las Vegas home has water damage from flooding or leaks, we have the expertise and equipment to properly restore your property. This leak was caused by a busted copper pipe late at night. https://www.SERVPROsouthwestlasvegas.com/

Our Water Damage Tech breaking up an old severely damaged concrete floor.

Removing and Restoring A Water-Damaged Concrete Floor

This is a photo of a job where we had to break up the flooring because of how badly damaged it was. We restored all water damage in this home; before doing so we immediately stopped more damage from happening by taking our preventative measures. SERVPRO of Southwest Las Vegas is here to help any local business or home with restoration needs.

Our SERVPRO equipment used by a technician for extracting water from a carpet.

Water Extraction

We are water removal and cleanup specialists and are ready to service your Las Vegas home and/or business when flooding or water leaks cause water damage. We quickly dry your property using state-of-the-art water removal equipment.