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How SERVPRO works with our insurance vendors

11/6/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Southwest Las Vegas has a strong relationship with all major insurance carriers in the area. We pride ourselves in the ability to help insurance agencies smooth out the process of filling claims and getting work done fast. We help insurance companies provide great customer service through this claim process by doing a couple key things.

  1. SERVPRO does not charge customers for any of our estimates. We provide a free estimate for customers that are referred from their insurance to help them understand the best way to move forward. This free estimate will help the homeowner know whether the repairs will surpass their deductible. (all estimates are calculated using Xactimate)
  2. We communicate extensively with insurance adjusters to make sure there is no confusion for your clients. We are very hands on throughout the process so that nobody is left in the dark.

In the end, a water or fire loss can be a new and scary experience for any homeowner. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered and we are there to answer every single one. We will do whatever we can to make the process less stressful for the agent, adjuster and homeowner. Choose SERVPRO of Southwest Las Vegas for all restoration needs to ensure a job well done.

IICRC standards for bio cleaning

11/2/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Southwest Las Vegas is well known for restoration services but we also are IICRC certified crime scene and trauma cleaning professionals. 

Our trauma and crime scene cleanup procedures are consistent and in accordance with the IICRC standard.  However each job is unique and often we have to recognize certain conditions or areas of concern.  Here is a list of items that a customer may have concerns with and our procedures can address:

-               Safety and health of occupants 

-               Biocide and antimicrobial and possible allergens

-               Risk management for owner, landlord, and/or occupants

-               Inspection and preparation ensure safety of customer and workers

-               Contents proper assessment to determine restoration or disposal

-               Confirmation of cleanliness to certify occupant safety

SERVPRO provides professional/industry standard quality cleaning to make sure the job is handled correctly the first time. These are just a few examples of the complexity behind this type of cleanup work. We take this type of cleanup very seriously as we conform to these industry standards. If you have any questions about our services, call SERVPRO of Southwest Las Vegas to find out more about how we can service any of your cleaning needs at (702) 436-2555.

When water damage can turn to mold

11/2/2020 (Permalink)

Many times, a home can be exposed to some kind of water damage, big or small, that is not handled by professionals or dried out correctly. In these instances, mildew and mold can grow extremely fast creating secondary issues for the home. Mold and mildew can actually begin growing 24 to 48 hours after contact with water. It is hard to see this because it happens inside your walls. It is very important to make sure any water damage issues are handled correctly to prevent the possible growth of mold. SERVPRO is always here, ready to help with any water damage issues however big or small, because it is better to handle these accidents properly the first time to prevent the possibility of mold.

Roof leaks during a rain storm

11/2/2020 (Permalink)

In Vegas, it isn’t very often that we have large rain storms but when they come, they can expose weak points in your roofing that may result in a leak. So, what can you look out for to help prevent these water leaks from happening on your roof? Here are a number of areas that may have weak spots on your roof.

  • Shingles- Over time shingles can crack and become so worn out that they lose the ability to keep water out. It is important to keep an eye on this to see if it time to replace sections of shingles on the roof.
  • Attic ventilation- If the attic is not properly ventilated, this can create high levels of condensation which will be worsened by heavy rainfall. Making the chances of a serious leak more likely.
  • Skylights- Skylights are cool features to have in the home but if the framing is not sealed properly or corrosion has left little gaps in the framing, it can cause a big issue. Make sure to check the framing.
  • Other Corrosion- There are other components on the roof that over time can corrode. Small metal fasteners and other metal components can rust and create space for small leaks. It is good to have these small pieces replaced every so often.

Las Vegas Monsoon?

10/30/2020 (Permalink)

What to expect from Las Vegas monsoon season?

Monsoon season is short and only lasts for about half of summer. This desert climate does receive rain and during monsoon season the rains can come down in short heavy spurts. It is important to know what to look for and what precautions to take when monsoon season comes again.

When do we have monsoon season?

Monsoon season can start around the middle part of summer and last till some time in September. So, the season usually lasts a couple months and can sometimes start slightly sooner and last a little longer than expected.

How to recognize when a monsoon might start?

Monsoon season can be identified with very hot and slightly more humid mornings with more than normal cloud coverage. Once we get into the afternoon evening the winds may pick up and the sky will most likely darken. The showers last only a few hours at the most and the same process will continue the next day.

Dangers of monsoon season

It is important to be able to identify these types of rainfall because they can cause flooding in homes and down busy streets. Cautious driving and home preparedness are essential to ensure that monsoon season is a breeze. It’s not very often we get good rainfall in Vegas so it’s best to enjoy the rain we get instead of stressing about not being prepared.

SERVPRO of Southwest Las Vegas recent large-scale commercial work

10/30/2020 (Permalink)

Just in the past month SERVPRO of Southwest Las Vegas has had 3 sizable commercial water losses. All three of which were as a result of the sprinkler system going off and running for a bit too long. This highlights the importance that commercial buildings should have a well-organized ERP in place. These water losses have had damage on multiple stories of the building. In our experience the water damaged can lessen as you reach the ground level but these jobs had substantial damage and need for mitigation across all affected areas. Our franchise is prepared with sufficient equipment and enough man power to handle any of these larger commercial water losses. Choose SERVPRO of Southwest Las Vegas for all commercial restoration needs to ensure a job well done.

How SERVPRO approaches extensive fire damage

10/30/2020 (Permalink)

We have just as much experience with water damage as we do with fire damage and restoration. When handling large fire losses, there is an added importance in a proper estimate. SERVPRO has a responsibility to salvage what we can with the property while still keeping the structure intact and eliminating odors. We have experience knowing exactly what drywall are salvageable and which are not. Many porous items are very hard to salvage like couches, mattresses and other fabric materials. The goal is to restore the dwelling to its former glory. Vent cleaning will usually be needed for this level of cleaning to assure smoke and odors are eliminated completely. For some of these more devastating fire losses, it is very important to have it handled by experienced professionals. There is nothing worse than having a lingering smell from a past fire damage. Choose SERVPRO of Southwest Las Vegas for all fire restoration needs to ensure a job well done.

Storms pose a threat to your business over time

10/30/2020 (Permalink)

Here at SERVPRO we have seen our fair share of collapsed sections of roofing due to standing water. Many of these incidents are a result of not staying updated with the buildings needs. Before entering another season of questionable weather, take the time to look at a few weak points in your building that might need some attention and upkeep. Get someone to check the roof and identify any spots that may have staining. This is a sign of repeated standing water on the roof. Check if there is any corrosion or warping on the flat roof as well. These issues can lead to big water issues down the road so it is important to spot them and fix them before it turns into a larger problem.

Emergency Ready Plan (ERP) Q&A Residential

10/27/2020 (Permalink)

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when trying to prep your family and home for a disaster.

Q1: What are the most common natural disasters that can occur in my city?

A1: Here in the Las Vegas area, we can expect to see flash floods, fires during summer months and perhaps an earthquake.

Q2: What are some of the first actions we should take during a particular disaster or accident?

A2: For a flash flood, one of the first actions that should be taken is to turn off all utilities and electrical devices. Shut off the electricity. Make sure not to tamper with electric equipment if you are wet or standing in water. Then move any important belongings to higher ground. For forest fires and earthquakes, it is very important to shut off the gas line immediately and pay close attention to authorities.

Q3: How do I ensure that these steps can be taken quickly and safely?

A3: When setting up your ERP, it is important to survey the home and locate the different key shut off locations for electric power, gas and water. It can be helpful to color coordinate the water with blue paint, the electric with yellow paint, and the gas shut off with red paint. That way it is highly visible and easy to remember for all family members. It is also helpful to take pictures of each shut off location around the home with a short description on how to turn off that utility. Having an organized set up with pictures and keys for each utility shut off can help reduce the chance of further damage and bodily injury in these scenarios.

These are a few tips that may be helpful for your family in case of an emergency. There is always more to learn about preparing for natural disasters but an ERP is a good place to start. If you are a SERVPRO customer, feel free to ask us about helping you set up an ERP at your home.

IICRC water damage categories

10/10/2020 (Permalink)

Since we are an IICRC Certified Firm we follow their guidelines when determining category of water damage that occurs in a structure.

There are 3 Basic Categories of Water

Category 1 originates from a sanitary source and poses no substantial risk from dermal, ingestion, or inhalation exposure. Examples may be water from an broken angle stop under a sink.  However, it may not always remain clean after it comes into contact with other surfaces or materials that contain contaminants. 

Category 2 contains significant contamination and has the potential to cause discomfort and/or sickness if contacted by humans. This category may contain potentially unsafe levels of micro-organisms or nutrients for micro-organisms, and other organic or inorganic matter.

Category 3 is grossly contaminated and may contain pathogenic, toxigenic or other harmful agents. Such water sources may carry silt, organic matter, pesticides, heavy metals, regulated materials, or toxic organic substances.