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Water Damage Las Vegas

With hard water in Las Vegas pipes and valves can become corroded and when they become corroded they become weak and in most cases burst.  When it bur... READ MORE

Fire Damage, Las Vegas

Fire damage is never a fun thing. It can be hard on your neighbor, family member, friend or even yourself. SERVPRO has been handling fire losses for 50 years an... READ MORE

Fire Damage, Las Vegas

A fire can be devastating and stressful. SERVPRO of Southwest Las Vegas understands this and has the experience, knowledge and equipment to handle any size of j... READ MORE

Residential Mold Remediation, Las Vegas

In this residential home the upstairs bathroom had an ongoing leak and over time this leak got bigger and bigger until it finally started dripping through the c... READ MORE

Storm Damage, Las Vegas NV

Storm damage does happen in Las Vegas.  High winds and rain are a mix for water damage almost every time.  In this situation high winds caused rain to... READ MORE

Mold Remediation, Las Vegas NV

SERVPRO of Southwest Las Vegas was called out to handle a water loss located in a child's bathroom. When on site the crew chief noticed microbial growth behind ... READ MORE

Mold Remediation, Las Vegas NV

In most cases leaks can be so small that it might take months before you start to notice the damage they cause and before you know it microbial activity could h... READ MORE

Fire Damage, Las Vegas NV

A fire can spread within minutes and do extreme amounts of damage to the structure. Luckily in this case the homeowner was able to catch the fire before it cons... READ MORE

Commercial Mold Remediation, Las Vegas NV

It only takes a small leak to cause microbial growth. This building had a small mini refrigerator leak that was hidden for months. Mold can grow within 48 hours... READ MORE

Mold Remediation Las Vegas NV

In this condo SERVPRO of Southwest found massive amounts of mold on the wall under the sink.  Because we understand water travels everywhere we investigate... READ MORE